Top Short Bob Haircuts


Short Bob Hairstyles

 The bob has been a favored hairstyle for all women and girls around the world for decades. The short bob is especially undoubtedly timeless. A short bob is superbly stylish and chic. It flatters all face shapes and is very easy and simple to achieve as well as to maintain. Below we list some of the top short bob haircuts.

Top Short Bob Haircuts 2023

Concave Bob Hairstyle with Subtle Highlights

This is a trendy short haircut and is especially suitable for short hair. This hairstyle gives a very hi-fashion look. The concave cut gives volume to the hair and an edgy look. The angled look creates a very modern and contemporary look. 

The back of this hairstyle is stack-cut to provide a voluminous look and is then graduated down to the front in a concave angle. This concave shaped angle creates a puff ball silhouette and is thus most easy to make in strong thick hair.

 Add subtle highlights to this already stylish hairstyle and take the style quotient a notch higher. The highlights create beautiful texture and movement to the hair in this fabulous hairstyle.

Cute Short Bob Haircut with Bangs Hairstyles

This cute and superbly short bob haircut gives a very youthful and fun look. This chic haircut feature bangs worn to the side. The stunning side bangs frame the face beautifully and complete the overall style of this haircut in a beautiful way. Easy to maintain, this haircut will surely add to your style quotient. Simply wipe your fingers through the bangs to give a great natural look.

Casual Messy Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles

This windswept and wavy bob haircut is a fun, playful, carefree, messy and casual hairstyle. This is a perfect hairstyle for today’s women on the as it is extremely easy to care for and maintain. 

This short hairstyle features even shorter strands to give a naturally grown out fringe look. Adding little blonde highlights to this hairstyle adds even more movement and texture and a look of thickness to the ends of the hair.

Feminine Short Wavy Curly Bob Hairstyles

This chic and contemporary look is especially most suited for fine hair. The ends or tips of the hair are sharply textured while the curls and the waves add amazing texture and movement to the overall hairstyle. 

This haircut works great in naturally curly or wavy hair, Even if you do not have naturally curly or wavy hair, this look can be achieved with the help of a few simple curling tools. Some fringes can be kept a little longer on the sides to add an asymmetric dimension to this cut.

Short Curly Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

This hairstyle features beautifully defined waves and curls. The waves and curls are loosely finished and give an extremely glamorous, feminine and sexy look. The hair on the front has longer ends which give a beautiful frame and enhance the beauty of the face as well as the neck.

 This is an ultra chic yet casual hairstyle which can be worn comfortably for any event and with any kind of an outfit. This haircut will surely not fail to mesmerize. This haircut suits all face shapes and are good especially for round, oval and square faces.

Edgy Short Bob Cut Hairstyles

This bob cut gets its edgy look due to its contemporary angled shape. The short graduated hair moves to the longer layers on the sides. This movement and the shape give the edgy look. Add a touch of a bright color like a red, to add to the edginess. 

This hairstyle flatters most face shapes. This is undoubtedly a great short bob hairstyle which suits all fashion styles.

Short Angled Wavy Bob Hairstyles

This fabulous and trendy bob haircut features longer top layers. The back section of the hair however is trimmed in a steep gradient and gives a very beautiful and elegant in curve at the nape of the neck. Low lighting the hair at the nape adds to the beauty of this stunningly elegant bob haircut.

So you no longer have to confine your bob haircut to a simple and single look. There are various short bob haircuts you can try and play around with. Short hair is also no bar to creating these fun, trendy, chic and elegant bob hairstyles.