Best Bob Hairstyles


 Bob hairstyles are never to go out of style and fashion. Bob hairstyles are one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles which are also very simple and easy to do and maintain. These hairstyles are especially very convenient and suitable for girls and women on the go and who do not have the time to curl or straighten their hair.

 Bob hairstyles can also be curled or straightened depending upon the look you want but it is relatively easier to style bob hair than any other style. Bob hairstyles are this popular also because they suit most face shapes, and especially the ones with nice jaw line. 

Bob hairstyle also enhances the neck and the eyes by giving a nice frame to the face. Bob hairstyles work on all textured hair but work best on thin to medium hair. Bob hairstyles also work great on all kinds of hair length whether long, medium or short hair. Below we list some of the best bob hairstyles for different hair lengths.

Best Bob Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyles

Best Bob Hairstyles for Long Hair

A long bob is also called a lob and it is a real classic haircut which has been very popular for years. There are various ways and options to style a long bob and thus one can experiment and create very different and interesting looks in a long bob haircut. 
One can go in for asymmetric cuts, curls, waves, deep partings and many more styles. Long bobs are easy and simple to style and are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Below are some of the most popular and best bob hairstyles for long hair.

Multi Dimensional Lob Hairstyles

A bob hairstyle can be made even in thin and fine hair. Dimension can be given to straight and fine hair by adding highlights and lowlights. A long bob haircut is a classic style but adding this element of dimension to the style is truly innovative. 
This multi dimensional lob is also simple and easy to make. Begin by applying styling crème or mousse while the hair is still damp and then comb through the hair, distributing them from roots to ends. Then blow dry the hair in sections by using clips. 
Remember to bring down the sections and smooth them as you blow dry. This can be done with the help of a round brush. Then finish the style with a flat iron. If you have very fine hair, do remember to use a volumizing mousse.

This multi dimensional lob hairstyle suits round, heart and diamond shaped faces the best. It is easiest to achieve this look in finer hair in both thickness and texture.

One Length Classic Hairstyles

As the name suggests, this bob hairstyle is truly a classic even though bob hairstyle has evolved in various ways over the years. This classic one length bob hairstyle has no layers, bangs and face frame and thus is sure to never go out of style. 

To make this hairstyle, begin by combing the hair with a wide tooth comb after you have applied a styling lotion. Then blow dry the hair in sections. Finish by applying shine serum or smoothing cream for that flawless and shiny finish. 

This classic and classy bob hairstyle suits all face shapes. It works great on hair that is straight and has medium texture.

Flipping Bob Hairstyles

The flipping bob hairstyle gives a very trendy and cute look and works very well for oval, diamond and heart shaped faces. It works great especially on fine hair. This hairstyle is simple and easy to make. Begin by shampooing and conditioning your hair with volumizing product. 

Apply a thickening cream. Then blow dry the hair in sections. To lessen flyaways and have maximum volume, make sure to direct the air of the dryer downwards. Then flip put the ends of the hair slightly by using a medium round brush. To help set the flips perfectly, heat each section of the hair and then immediately use the cold shot button on the dryer. Finish by using a hairspray.

Best Bob Hairstyles for Medium Hair

A medium length hairstyle provides a lot of versatility and styling options. A medium length bob hairstyle can be styled in various interesting ways. Below are listed some of the best bob hairstyles for medium hair.

Stacked A-Line Bob Hairstyles

This cute and trendy bob hairstyle is shorter and stacked from the back. The stack at the back creates good volume and profile. The front and side hair fall naturally and frame the face really well. This hairstyle works well for all face shapes and with naturally straight as well as wavy hair. 

Fine to medium dense hair can sport this chic hairstyle. To make this hairstyle, begin by applying a styling product to wet hair and make a deep side parting. Then blow dry the hair with a styling brush. Then use a flat iron and smooth out the sections of the hair. Finish by setting the style with the help of a hairspray.

The Low Stack Bob Hairstyles

This medium bob hairstyle has a low stack or graduation. The low stack naturally slopes the ends of the hair inwards. This style suits all face shapes and fin to medium textured hair. Getting this look is very simple too. All you need to do is apply a styling product to the hair and then blow-drying the hair with a medium round brush. Finish by setting the style with a hairspray.

The High Stack Bob Hairstyles

The high stack or high graduation bob hairstyle has a lot of volume as the high stack at the back pushes the hair up, even above the occipital bone and gives a flattering look. This style can be made easily on hair with fine to medium texture as well as low to medium density. This bob haircut is sometimes angled high enough to sport an undercut. This hairstyle looks very trendy and chic.

Best Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair

A short bob hairstyle never fails to make a super style statement. A bob hairstyle is in fact the most popular hairstyle for short hair and can be styled in numerous ways. Below we take a look at some of the most popular and best short bob hairstyles.

Short Bob with Smoothed Edges

This is a tapered short bob with the hair cut right at the chin and straightened to perfection. This hairstyle looks incredibly elegant and glamorous. To style this haircut, begin by creating a deep side parting and combing through the strands. 

The use a flat iron and iron out the hair section by section and smooth out all the strands. Finish by beveling the tips of the hair under to give them a rolled under effect.

Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles

This above the chin length short bob features lots of wispy layers. These layers give a soft look to the otherwise sharp bob cut. If the natural texture of the hair is wavy, then this hairstyle highlights the same in a beautiful way. 

Needless to say, this hairstyle works best on naturally wavy hair and you need to simply comb, scrunch and diffuse your hair to get this look. In case of straight hair, use a curling iron and curl all the hair. Curling the hair in short hair will create loose waves. This hairstyle suits all face shapes other than strong pear shaped face.

Elevated Curls Hairstyles

This cute and fun hairstyle is very playful, youthful, girly and whimsical. To create this look, begin by creating a deep parting to one side of your hair. Work in sections and use a curling iron to curl small strands of hair until all your hair is curled.

 Finish by using a hairspray to set the curls. This style works best on heart shaped face and straight to wavy hair. It also works well on all kinds of hair whether thin, medium or thick.

A bob hairstyle, whether a short crop or a shoulder length style, long tousles or the classic blunt style, is sure to get you those second glances. Stay stylish with this ever green and versatile hairstyle.