Short Bob Hairstyles for Wavy Hair


 Short Hairstyles for Women

A short bob wavy hairstyle has just the perfect amount of movement and oomph. Short haircuts are highly compatible with wavy hair and what better than a delightful bob style. Quite easy and simple to style, these short wavy bob hairstyles look chic and classy and will up your style quotient surely. Below we list some such stunning wavy bob hairstyles.

Short Bob Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Wavy Sassy Bob Hairstyles

This cute and chic swirly and wavy bob cut is a classy and elegant look. The key to this look is an angled cut, elongated towards the front, and frames the face beautifully.  The waves give enough bounce and lift to the entire hairstyle and thus enough texture and volume.

 The imperfect waves create a mesmerizing look and is also easy to make and maintain. This face-framing, sassy, short bob can be made by beginning by blow drying the hair smooth with a round brush. Then take two inch sections of hair and curl only the bottom four or five inches with a medium barreled curling iron. Then quickly tousle it up and spritz with a good product to give the finishing touch.

Vintage Wavy Bob Hair Style

This is a hot retro and soft wavy bob with a low side part. This vintage wavy bob gives a romantic and innocent look. It frames the face beautifully and draws attention to the mouth. This short wavy bob is retro yet modern in its look. 

You simply need to go for less structured waves by using hot rollers. The softness of the waves and bob is complemented very well by the extreme side part which is used to create the lovely side-swept bangs.

Layered Wavy Bob Hairstyles

There is no doubt that layers add to the volume and bounce as well as texture and depth of a hairstyle. This is more so in case of a short hairstyle and especially a short wavy bob. The layers are quite simple and quick to achieve too in short hair. 

Waves as it is add to the volume of the hair and the layered waves further add to the same. Layering works well in both thick and thin hair as well. However layers in waves are easier to make in thicker hair.

Short Wavy and Messy Bob with Bangs

This casual and chic hairstyle with a side parting creates an up-to-the-minute fringe which drapes sexily over one eye. The messy look helps accentuate the cheekbones beautifully. 

The messiness also adds to the depth and texture of the already wavy hair, whether natural or curled. This short wavy bob cut creates a contemporary look and a carefree image. The messy waves also add a touch of glam to the look while still being relaxed and cool.

Center Parted Blonde Wavy Short Bob Hairstyles

This is a very fresh and simple chin length bob cut for wavy hair. This blonde cut has an edgy and very urban platinum look. The center parting gives way to a casual fringe separated to leave the forehead clear and cool. 

The slight waves give a little movement and create an interesting look at the sides. The ends of the hair are heavily textured for an even more urban chic look. This hairstyle has a modern vibe and an independent as well as feminine look.

Very Short Wavy Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This look is perfect for a contemporary ‘undone’ look. This is a youthful style that suits women of all ages. The look is natural with some ‘cut-off’ defined waves which add volume at the sides and one side is tucked in carelessly behind one ear for a relaxed touch of asymmetry. 

 The parting is light and is slightly off center. This hairstyle frames the face beautifully and accentuates the facial features in an easy-care style. This wavy bob is especially well suited for finer hair.

Short Bob with Loose Twists Hairstyle

This short wavy bob features contemporary and loosely defined twists. The ‘cut-of’ waves are edgy and give a very fashion forward look. This style ahs fabulous movement and the twists add the impression of more volume and depth to the hair. 

This casual yet chic hairstyle is perfect for giving wavy hair some extra oomph. This style works well with all face shapes and is a beautifully balanced cut.

Elegant Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles

This is a new take on an asymmetrical short bob. The hair ends of this wavy bob are curled and give a very fresh and elegant look. This hairstyle works great on thick, curly, fine or straight hair and suits women and girls of all ages too. 

Asymmetrical Wavy Short Bob Hairstylesa

The side parting in this style can e varied to suit different face shapes and there is a very appealing and attractive contrast between the smooth top of the hair and the fringe and the lively curls lower down.

The theme for this chic hairstyle is definitely ‘ultra cool’. This is a unique, unusual and futuristic style that makes the most of thick wavy hair.  

This bob is strongly asymmetrical with a sharply angled line running down from the exaggerated volume at the back. The rest of the tresses are very well defined. This style creates a fabulous profile in an absolutely original look.

Voluminous Messy Wavy Short Bob Hairstyles

This voluminous wavy bob is most suitable for naturally wavy and curly hair as this style allows for easy taming of these waves. The contemporary look of this style is very appealing and impressive.

 The bob is cut to finish just above the shoulders and then the twisty waves take up the length so the hair falls very prettily around the chin and neck. 

The flattering twisty waves fall perfectly in position to draw attention to the facial features and to give just the right amount of bounce and volume to the hair.

The above gorgeous short bob haircuts for wavy hair with easy styling techniques will surely give you a fabulous look. All these short bobs for wavy hair are so flattering and easy-care styles.