White Tea


White Tea is an exotic variety of tea. The unopened buds of the tea plants have silver white hairs. Therefore this tea is called white tea. This type of tea is very lightly oxidized. 

Darjeeling White Tea and Nilgiri White Tea are two famous tea brands in this category. The first variety has a floral aroma and is of mild test. The second variety has a mellow and sweet taste. 

Both types of teas are rich in antioxidants as they are lightly oxidised. White tea is being consumed in China since Ming Dynasty period.

White Tea is an exotic variety of tea

All varieties of teas (green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea etc) come from the same source which is leaves and buds of Camilla Sinesis tea bush. But the difference in taste and health benefits is due to the process the tea leaves undergo after they are plucked. 

In addition white tea is made from immature leaves of the tea plant. These leaves are picked shortly before the buds have fully opened. In fact the white silver hairy fuzz still covers the buds.

 Buds and tea leaves are mixed in a certain proportion. For example one bud and two tea leaves. These tea leaves and buds are not fermented at all. They are just sun dried.

Tea Types

White teas are of following types. They have been named as per the area in which they are grown.

  • Darjeeling – This white tea is made from first harvest of tea leaves in Darjeeling tea plantations. The tea is made from minimally processed young single buds which are coated with silvery fudge at the time of processing. The buds are handpicked and dried in the sun and shade. Due to this the tea gets a light and delicate flavour. Drinking this exotic tea leaves a sweet lingering after taste.
  • Assam – These are made from young leaves and buds in Assam tea plantations in India. The leaves are minimally processed. It has malty flavour and hence is describes as naturally sweet in taste. White tea from Assam has muscatel flavour. Teabox White Assam Tea is highly appreciated by tea connoisseurs.
  • Nilgiri – The white Nilgiri tea is also made from first harvest of single buds. The tea gardens are at high elevation in the Blue Mountains of Nilgiri. The buds are dried naturally in sun and shade. This tea has a perfect balance of aroma and taste. The liquor is colourless. Its taste is mildly sweet with a tinge of fruitiness.

Benefits of White Tea

In this type of tea the tea leaves are not fermented at all. Due to this the tea is loaded with antioxidants and therefore has excellent anti aging properties.

 The tea also reduces the possibility of cardiovascular disorder and stroke. However please remember that this tea is not a medicine for various ailments. Following are health benefits of drinking white tea: 

  • Rich in Antioxidants – White tea is more beneficial than black tea and green tea. This is because white tea leaves are just sun dried. So the tea leaves are very close to their natural state and hence retain most of the health benefit properties.
  • Healthy Skin – White tea has strong antioxidant and anti aging properties. Free radicals produced in the body damage body cells, harm the skin and can make people older than actual age. The polyphenols in the tea eliminates the free radicals and thus prevents our body cells from getting damaged. Healthy body cells result in better health free from many types of deceases. The antioxidants in white tea help in cell neuroprotection. It also reduces premature aging risk.
  • Damaged Skin Repair – Drinking white tea repairs damaged skin and also protects your skin from harmful effect of UV rays.
  • Antioxidants – White tea contains high level of polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants that fights cancer causing cells.
  • Antibacterial Properties – It has antibacterial and anti microbial properties and protects the body from bacteria which cause virus infection. The tea can protect our skin from bacteria and many other germs. No wonder that hand soaps are made using white tea. The tea also provides relief for people suffering from flue and common cold.
  • Effective in Diabetes – Provides relief to diabetic patients from symptoms of excessive thirst, decreased glucose level and increased insulin secretion. But remember that drinking this tea will not cure diabetes. So continue to follow your doctor’ advice in case of various ailments.
  • Low Calorie – It is a calorie free beverage and is also hydrating.
  • Oral Health – The tea contains polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids. These compounds inhibit growth of plaque forming bacteria in the mouth. The tea also contains fluoride which is good for reducing risk of dental caries, tooth decay and cavity in the tooth.

How to Make White Tea

White tea is brewed the same way as black tea or green tea. But the difference is that do not heat the water till boiling temperature. If you put tea leaves in boiling water it will spoil the aroma of this tea. So heat water till about 85 degree Celsius (175 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Add tea leaves to the hot water and cover it for a few minutes for the tea to steep. Now filter it and enjoy the flavour. You may have to use a little more tea leaves. 

Start by adding two teaspoon of tea leaves to one cup of hot water. Two to four cups of tea can be taken each day for good benefit.

White Tea for Weight Loss

Our lifestyle and the type of food we eat may result in excessive weight gain. Lack of physical activities adds to the weight gain problem. Proper exercise and diet control then becomes essential to shed those extra kilos. 

Drinking of white tea can also help you in losing weight. How does it happen? White tea prevents adipogenesis which is the process of formation of fat cells in the body. So it helps in preventing additional weight gain.

 It also controls the lifecycle of existing fat cells and breaks these fat cells. Hence it lowers the body weight.

White Tea Face Mask


  • One cup of white tea at room temperature. You can make one more cup to drink!!
  • Your lovely face
  • Two egg whites, whisked lightly
  • Bowl

How to Make White Tea Face Mask

  • Take a bowl and pour the tea into it.
  • Add the whisked egg.
  • Whisk lightly to make a uniform paste
  • The face pack is ready

How to Apply

  1. Wash your face and neck with clean water and pat the skin dry
  2. Now apply the paste uniformly on your face and neck
  3. Leave it on for 15 minutes.
  4. Now wash off the face pack with cold water

White Tea Skin Care Products

This tea has loads of polyphenols which have wonderful antioxidant properties. It’s antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties makes it an ideal and essential part of various skin care products. Some of these products are listed below: 

  • Organic Facial Toner – It contains white tea, aloe vera juice, lemon balm and algae extract to tone the facial skin and also to lighten complexion.
  • Body Wash – It contains white tea, Red Clover, Calendula and Echinacea. This body wash soothes and tones the skin of the entire body. It has lovely fragrance as it has essential oils added to it.
  • Facial Scrub – Look for facial scrub which has oatmeal, white tea extract and pomegranate. This combination exfoliates dead skin cells and its antioxidant properties make the skin shining, supple and smooth.

Side Effects of White Tea

  • Like any other tea, white tea also contains caffeine. So if you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid drinking this tea.
  • Caffeine may cause symptoms like anxiety, sleeping difficulty and faster heart rate.