10 Amazing Indian Wedding Hairstyl


 Bridal Hairstyles for Indian Wedding

We are all aware that brides today are getting bolder and going for unique looks in their outfits, jewelry as well hairstyles. Surely gone are those days when brides used to shy away from cutting their hair short before their D-day. 

Gone are the days when only long locks and straight long flowing tresses used to form the quintessential Indian bridal look. These days there are some stunning wedding hairstyles that can be made in short hair. These spectacular hairstyles for Indian weddings are ideal for all types of hair. 

Read on to learn more about 10 amazing Indian wedding hairstyles.

10 Amazing Indian Wedding Hairstyl

Curly Updo Wedding Hairstyles

A messy curly updo is one of the quickest and simplest hairstyle. This is a super cool and trendy hairstyle which works especially well for a reception or a cocktail party. This hairstyle goes with all kinds of outfits –whether a traditional Indian saree or a lehnga as well as a more western and modern evening gown. 

To get this look, you simply need to get your curls together and pin them up into a high bun. Curls especially when pinned up together into a bun give an illusion of good volume even in short hair. You can pull out a few tendrils and let them hang loosely over your temples to give a more relaxed, flirty, playful and soft look. You can accessorize this style to give it an even more chic look.

Low Side Bun Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle looks gorgeous with traditional Indian outfits especially and is ideal for Indian wedding functions whether a day event or a night event. In case of naturally curly hair, all you need to do is to simply part your hair into a side parting and neatly tuck in your curls behind your ears with bobby pins.

 In case of straight hair, simply curl up your hair with the help of a curling tong and sweep them sideways and pin them into a low side bun. This hairstyle gives a very feminine look even with short hair and will not fail to make you look elegant and classy.

Curls Left Loose Fluffy Curls Hairstyles

This hairstyle works especially well for pre wedding functions. When accessorized nicely, it even works very well for the wedding day itself. A great accessory to add in this style is a gorgeous embellished headband. A beautiful maang tikka and long earrings also work great with this hair style. 

A nice variation to this style could be that you could back comb the crown area into a puff and add more drama to the entire look. You could also half tie your hair at the back with the rest of the curls hanging loosely. The curls in short length add movement and bounce to the hair and give a voluminous look.

Vintage Curls Wedding Hairstyles

This is undoubtedly an elegant and classy hairstyle for the Indian brides. The whimsical curls coupled with well defined style makes for a very stylish statement on your D day. This is a great bridal hairstyle when it comes to short hair.

 The vintage curls can be left open and are stylish in their own right or they can be pulled back into a nice hairdo. The hairdo can further be accessorized with stunning headbands, pearl beads and other jeweled as well as floral accessories. The best way to achieve this retro look is by curling your hair with rollers.

Messy Side Sweep Hairstyles

This messy side sweep will surely make you look a sensational bride. This hairstyle is perfect for short hair and can be made by simply twisting your hair in a messy side sweep and ending it up in a chignon. This gorgeous side sweep will literally sweep your partner off your feet. 

With some easy and simple twisting and bobby pinning you have a stunning hairstyle. Accessorize this style with a beautiful floral accessory or jeweled beads and pins.

Simple Side Part Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Nothing is more stylish than being simple and sexy. If you have short and simple layers, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. No doubt that this is a simple hairstyle, but this can look very elegant and classy in its own way and is perfect especially if your outfit and jewelry is the main focus you want.

 Stunning in its simplicity, this hairstyle suits all kinds of outfits as well as all kinds of Indian wedding functions. This hairstyle can rock especially on a simple reception function, when you are over and done with heavier looks and most probably want to end with a simple yet elegant look.

Classic Updo Indian Wedding Hairstyles

The ever green and classic updo is a universal solution for Indian brides with short hair and in Indian wedding functions. In this hairstyle, you can simply twist the hair up in any way you like and use hair accessories and flowers and in the process create your very own magical and unique hairstyle. 

An updo also allows for ease of setting up the bridal dupatta or veil and this makes this hairstyle a quintessential for every Indian bride.

French Twist Hairstyles

If you have your D-day coming up or you are going to attend an Indian wedding function and you have short hair, you need not fret anymore. If you have too short hair to make a braid or a bun, you can try the ever so stunning and elegant French Twist hairstyle. 

A French twist works perfectly well for short hair and for formal events like India weddings. In fact nothing says chic like a French Twist and it gives a modern twist quite literally to traditional India weddings and outfits.

Classic Bun Wedding Hairstyles

This is undoubtedly a sleek and sophisticated look that one can carry effortlessly with any Indian traditional attire. The Bun look works great for Indian wedding functions and the half bun look works perfectly well on short hair. This hairstyle has been seen on various celebrities lately and is a part oriental, part ballerina bun and is totally chic. 

This works very well for a more modern bride or if you are simply attending a wedding function and want to look formal without looking too over the top. A half bun or classic bun can further be styled in various ways and thus provides versatility of styling options even in short hair.

Short Bob Hairstyles

Though a bit unconventional, this hairstyle can look very appealing and attractive on an Indian bride and creates a great contrast with traditional Indian outfits. The feminine look is actually not diminished but enhanced by this hairstyle as the focus is the facial features and stunning overall look of the outfit and jewelry. 

If you are worried about this look being too casual, then you can add some jagged layers to add volume and to create a nice trendy style.

So we can see that there are some stunning options available for styling even short hair for Indian weddings. Short hairstyles not only look chic and trendy but are also quite easy and simple to style, especially on the big day.