10 Best Layered Hairstyles for Women


 Layered Hair Style for Women

Layers are a sure shot way of spicing up any hairstyle and cut and of any length. Layers allow for very versatile styling without a lot of fuss and always look amazing. Layers also help add shape, length and volume and texture to your hairstyle. 

Adding layers around the face is also a great way to soften the angular look of the face shape and to just overall add interest to your look. Below we list ten such amazing layered hairstyles for women for all kinds of hair lengths and textures. So here we present you with 10 best layered hairstyles for women!!

10 Best Layered Hairstyles for Women

Curled Up Hairstyle for Women

This is a simple and sweet medium length layered hairstyle. The layers are medium to long and are cut throughout. They are further flipped out for a really very cute texture. The curly layers add good volume around the chin. This makes this style a great look for oval and heart shaped faces. This hairstyle is perfect for medium to thick amounts of hair with wavy texture. To get this look, use a curling iron to go through, section by section, and flip the ends of the hair out. Finish by teasing the crown a little bit to add some height to the overall look.

Soft and Sultry Hair Style

This is a super soft and super sexy hairstyle with long and swooping layers with blended ends. The subtle side part helps to soften the whole look even more. This layered hairstyle suits square shaped faces the best and medium amounts of hair with straight or wavy texture. 

This style has a soft and airy feel to it and thus a relaxed and laid back look. To get this look, begin by spritzing damp hair with a volume spray. Then use a blow dryer to remove moisture from the hair. Smooth out the hair strands by using a paddle brush. Then start detailing your hair with a round brush. Roll the ends under and finish drying the hair completely.

Layers with Bangs Hair Style

This romantic and chic layered hairstyle features wispy bangs and makes a beautiful statement with its fun and whimsical style. Very well suited for thin fair, this hairstyle plays up the fun wispy texture very well. The sweet piecey bangs and the long full layers create a totally fun style to try. This lovely face-framing hairstyle can be sported by all face shapes. This style works best on thin hair that is on the wavy to straighter side.

Messy Layered Short Haircut

This is a cute and easy to style textured and messy short layered hairstyle. The effortless short waves with a messy feel give a lovely casual yet detailed look. The layers add the necessary volume and bounce to the hair. This layered short bob haircut is simple, convenient, and easy to maintain.

 The messy and choppy look especially at the ends make for a very trendy style and enhances the texture as well as the visual appeal of the hairstyle. This haircut is perfect for women who are looking for a low maintenance variant of a short bob.

Front Layers Hairstyles for Women

This sexy hairstyle features heavy layers around the face and barely any layers at the back and the ends. He heavy layers around the face enhance the facial features beautifully and bring all the focus to the face. 

This hairstyle is ideal for straight textures and is extra flattering for someone with lots of fine hair. The layers also give good weight to the entire look and the hairs do not look wimpy. Further, the layers can be positioned to suit any face shape.

Long Layered Haircut with Tapered Ends

This long layered cut removes the bulk from the hair and looks very well defined and structured. This style features the horizontal layers that start at collarbone level in the back but remain long in the front. The hair still looks thick but very well streamlined. 

The layers add just the perfect amount of volume, depth and texture to this style, giving you a good variety without sacrificing the length.

Straight and Long Hair Style with Bangs

In this chic and ultra cool look, the bangs are cut not too wide and there are a few light graduated layers in the front. The rest of the hair can be kept one length or can be sprinkled with a few light layers. In this style, the layers look most flattering if the below just below the chin and are not very short. 

This is one of the best hairstyles if you want to wear your hair free flowing and still show off those layers. Also, these kind of bangs are perfect for wide foreheads and for a cute chic look.

Long Hairstyle with Tight Curls

This is a wild, curly textured look and to get this look, you need beautifully blended round layers all around your head to give a voluminous and weighty look without looking heavy. This is a safe hairstyle for all face shapes. 

The main trick to this style and look is to keep the layers on the longer side where the first layer doesn’t really start till the chin level. Perfect for naturally curly hair, this layered look can be achieved in straighter hair as well by curling the hair.

All Around Layers Hair Style

These haphazard long layers are a simple and versatile option. The slightly imperfect ends make this hairstyle a wash and go kind of a cut, which is very easy and quick to achieve as well as to maintain. You can blow it dry or let it air dry and you are ready to go. 

Very simply, the cut takes care of the styling for you. This cut complements every face shape and can be styled with middle or a side parting.

Razor Cut Short Layered Hairstyles

This razor cut bob with sliced layers is perfect if you have a long face, as it creates the curved volume at the sides that gives the width to balance out the length of your face. If you have a full fringe cut across diagonally, this style breaks up the long straight line and makes the face look shorter. This chic and classy layered cut for short hair is a classic and never goes out of fashion.

Clearly layers are the quickest way to take lifeless or dull locks from drab to fab. So add some movement and interest to your hair cut with the above stunning layered hairstyles. Whether your hair is short or long or medium length, adding layers to your haircut will help amp up your style power.