23 Important Things: You Need To Know As A Dog Owner


We, all the dog owners love our dogs like a family member and want them have a healthy and happy life with us all the time. But, as they don’t have the ability to demand what they want or don’t want like human beings, we need to keep our eyes careful if anything we’re missing. Are you a dog owner too? Do you want your dog stay happy all the time? -If yes, then here is your turn to go forward….

Important Things: You Need To Know As A Dog Owner

23 Important Things: You Need To Be Aware Of:

Here are those pitfalls to remind you as a dog owner:

  • 1. Keep your children away from a small dog. When a child can sit, then you allow him or her to be adjacent to it. It is better if the only mature person deals with the small dog. Otherwise, there is a chance of an unexpected hit.
  • 2. Probably, your dog stays a place most of the time. Be informed about that location. Dog loves to visit next doors. So, carefully open your doors. It will keep your dog safe.
  • 3. A dog may be injured at a car’s back seat while traveling. So, a safety place is needed in a car.
  • 4. Many people leave a dog in the car. It is a very bad habit. There is the chance of  getting heat stroke if it’s a summer season. This may lead your dog to death.
  • 5. A dog cannot tolerate loneliness. If you leave it in a car, there is a chance of jumping out of an open window.
  • 6.  Don’t keep your little puppies on the ground. There is an opportunity for big dogs to consider a tiny dog as prey. As a result, a little dog may be hurt.
  • 7. It is better to keep your little puppies from the large one. The large one can snatch it and do harm to the little one.
  • 8. A small dog is very sensitive. It needs regular check up. Here is a not end. You should give it regular medicine. Otherwise, your little dog may be sick.
  • 9. A small dog needs regular food. Otherwise, it will be poorer.
  • 10. Keep away your small dog from chocolate, antifreeze. A dog can be easily get poisoned by these. The extreme level can lead to death which is totally unexpected.
  • 11. Severe weather is dangerous to form small dog. Not only hot weather but also cold weather. This is a very critical time for your dog. On this season, do not leave your dog alone for a long time. The small dog faces many problems at this crucial moment.
  • 12. Jumping is a terrible habit for a little dog. Don’t allow your little puppies to jump off couches, beds, floors, and chairs. But you can allow them for small stairs.
  • 13. Playing is a nature of the little dog. Occasionally, it wants to play in life. Therefore, try to make chew toys and interactive toys available to engage your puppy. Chew toys also help puppies during teething process  and avoid destructive chewing in the house. Check out the best rawhide for puppies.
  • 14. It is very common to use a chain for your dogs. It is too bad. There is a great chance to be injured. Consider using retractable long leash that gives the dog some freedom to explore the surroundings.
  • 15. In the winter season, how do you get outside with your dog? Will it be cool during hard winter? Probably, you never allow that. It is better to buy a coat. Then everything is all right. You should always wipe dogs leg during the cold season. Otherwise, snow may affect.
  • 16. Don’t forget to have a careful eye on your surroundings when you have small puppies. There may be industrial noise, sudden interruptions and traffic,. These are really irritating to your little puppies.
  • 17. Don’t keep your dog wet. Wrap him in a warm towel as early as possible. If you don’t have a towel, keep dog beneath. Then it will get the body warm.
  • 18. A small dog has chances to drown in water. So, be aware of ponds, river, etc. Always keep your eye on it. If an accident occurs, what will you do?
  • 19. Your dog may have chances to get an electric shock while connected with electronic device. So, keep it away and make safe surroundings.
  • 20. Cooked bones are very toxic for a dog. As a result, don’t give cooked bones to the dog. You can buy commercially prepared raw kibbles for your dog. You should also know that chocolate and alcohol is also harmful to a small dog. It is requested to be strict in these case.
  • 21. Anesthesia is commonly used for tooth cleaning basically. But it is so harmful that it can take away small dog’s life. So, be aware of anesthesia. Please, discuss with a specialist before taking a decision.
  • 22. Clean the dog waste to keep your dog (even yourself too) away from diseases. As you might have known that, a lot of diseases have been transmitted from dog to human. Try to clean the dog waste with a pooper scooper rather than using hands. That will be the best practice.
  • 23. Don’t allow your dog to go up-down with unfamiliar stairs. It may be injured for unconsciousness. It is very harmful to your small dog.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is very clear that small dog is very sensitive pet. There is no chance to neglect this pet for a single moment. If it happens, there is a huge opportunity for your small dog to become sick. Some simple steps can avoid this huge loss. It should be mentioned that these steps are not too tough to maintain. Rather, these can make your dog more healthy.