Jennifer Aniston And Her Tricky 5 Beauty Tips


One of the best known style icons in the world, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. star, Jennifer Aniston has always managed to grab attention, be it for her looks, style or her affair with superstar, Brad Pitt.

 Her casual demeanor coupled with a classic style that became popular via her TV series and romantic comedy movies has made scores of women follow her style tips and keep their eyeballs glued when she steps on the red carpet. Subtle yet stylish, unique yet casual, here are some beauty tips for women from the closet of Jennifer Aniston.

1. Understated Style of Jennifer Aniston

Want to know how to stand out in a room filled with a bevy of beauties? Jennifer Aniston has given her beauty tips and tricks to follow. She plays to her strengths exposing her beautiful legs and worked-out arms in most outfits. 

But her style is never over the top. She never combines too many jazzy colors or too much make up. A basic foundation shimmer, a great finish with mascara and simple shimmer lipstick and she is ready for a casual outing.

2. Go Nude : Jennifer’s Style

The classic difference between shimmer and shine, even her red carpet looks has her wearing nude colors and makeup. Her beauty tips for women going to a party combines elegance with eclectic. You’ll see most of her party makeup is understated in nude shades. 

Jennifer likes to wear shimmer in silver and gold. But, her makeup is always toned down to make it feel like she isn’t wearing much. Beauty secrets in going nude make it necessary that you choose the exact shades that go with your complexion.

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3. Keep your Hair Simple

Jennifer’s hairstyles have created a trend ever since her TV days. But the best part is it looks like she wears her hair lightly without too much fuss. She often matches a scruntchy look with red carpet wear. Her pony tail is just below the center and looks very casual with a few strands pulled out. 

Her stylist once said that even after he finishes, she pulls out a few extra stands to accent her look. That’s cool and chic in a classic combination.

4. Follow a Beauty Routine

One of the best kept beauty secrets of Jennifer Aniston is her routine. Jennifer doesn’t work out a lot but does a little something every day, be it cardio or a run. A big fan of yoga, she says it helps her stay fit and feel young and of course, possesses that envious body. 

She believes in wearing high quality beauty products only with no compromise that may result in skin damage. Though, most beauty tips and tricks may look very regular, taking makeup off before bed can make a big difference.

5. Watch What You Eat

Beauty tips for women are not just what you wear on the outside but how you treat your body from the inside. Because, no matter what makeup you put on or accessories you wear, nothing can match the true inner glow that comes from good health. 

Jennifer is sure to have 8-12 liters of Smart Water everyday. She says that people are water lazy and that is simply a crime! She loves her coffee, but tells people to stay hydrated through the day.

It’s always great to get a sneak peak into a celebrity actor’s life and their beauty tips and tricks. Get Jennifer’s haircut, follow her regimen and makeup without losing your own sense of style.

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