Best Diets For Losing Weight And Burning Fat


   There are millions of tips on the internet on how to lose weight and all of them contain some magical diet that will make you look like a top model, while all you have to do is to eat only three pineapples a day for a week. 

Since it doesn’t work like that, do yourself a favor, avoid starvation and admit to yourself that your not-best-shape is a result of bad eating habits and lack of physical activity, combined. Losing weight will take a certain change of the lifestyle, it might take longer than a week but it will definitely won’t make you starve.

Best Diets For Losing Weight And Burning Fat

1. Eat

Contrary to the deprivation techniques, eating five times a day will help you lose weight and burn fat more efficiently and in a healthier manner.  By having three small meals and two snacks a day, you will be able to eat enough and avoid overeating. 

Five mini-meals are a great way to dodge cravings and hunger which are typical for dieters, while it will have a most positive impact on cholesterol and insulin level. Your daily diet should consist of 50 % proteins, 30 % carbs, and 20 %  fat. However, no matter how small these meals are, the fat will be efficiently burned only with additional physical activity.

2. Proteins

Proteins are essential in a daily diet since the human body consists of at least 15% protein molecules built in muscles, ligaments, hair, and skin. To maintain all the functions in the body, protein intake is a must and it is a great macronutrient for weight loss. 

Protein  foods are lean red meat, fish, poultry (no skin), eggs and low-fat dairy. Vegetables that are a great source of protein are beans, peas, nuts (peanuts, almonds, pistachios), soybeans and some grains. Always choose proteins from foods that are minimally processed and lean as possible.

3. Carbs

Take care with carbohydrates since there are good sources and less good sources of carbs. For example, good sources are fruits, vegetables, oats, brown rice, nuts, lentils, whole grain bread, beans, and potatoes. 

Avoid white flour in general, white rice, sodas, cakes, muffins and all kinds of processed products (corn, rice, potatoes). Eat more fibrous carbs since they bind well with other food and push calories out of the body. Also, fibers slow digestion rate and reduce sugar cravings.  

4. Fats

Even though it has a bad press, fat is an important part of a daily diet. Do not be afraid of the fat since it is vital for our overall health. When it comes to perfect choice of fats, those would be low-fat cheeses, almonds, nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, peanut butter, canola oil, olive oil and safflower oil. Try to avoid high-fat meats and dairy, high-fat salad dressings, butter and deep fried food.

5. Exercise

Regular physical activity is of utmost importance when it comes to burning fat and getting into shape. An effective exercise routine should involve both weights and cardio, so if you need some extra energy level for a successful training session, try the moderate use of some high-quality dextrose powder. Continuous training will have a positive impact on your metabolism in general, so it will be much easier to balance and maintain the perfect and healthy look.

As seen above, losing weight is no trouble at all if you stick to the rules of healthy diet and some basic discipline. Aside from getting into perfect shape, the benefits are numerous and related to overall health, high energy level, and better mood in general. 

 The best way to be safe is to consult a professional nutritionist regarding a daily diet program, as well as a professional trainer who will set a suitable exercise routine. Covering both nutrition and workout will show results quite fast, while the effects of such constructive effort will be long lasting. 

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