Emma Watson Beauty Secrets Shared


 The Hermione Granger Of The Harry Potter Series, Emma Watson Is A Heartthrob Truly With Her Witty Charisma And Natural Beauty. Let’s Reveal The Beauty Secrets Of Emma Watson Here. You’ll Definitely Follow Them To Grab Her Flawless Appeal.

1. Emma Watson Hair Care Routine

The beautiful diva feels that hair care is the hardest thing in her routine. And, the most difficult part is to maintain the tone of the hairs. She chooses her shampoo and conditioner carefully. 

She prefers the products to be vegans and not having parabens. She also uses Masque, which provides moisturizer and soft silky texture to the hair. Emma Watson uses organic hairspray for hair styling. Also, she applies oil to her hairs as well to take good care of her hair.

2. Emma Watson Skin Care Regimen

Gorgeous Emma is very much into self care because of the sensitive skin she has. She makes it mandatory to clean her face followed by toning and moisturizing the face and then goes to bed. She admits that she has a dry skin. 

So, she makes use of Firming Toner and Évolué Gentle Cleanser to ensure that the skin doesn’t sting. Also, she uses moisturizer and doesn’t prefer using facial masks much. She also feels exfoliation is very important for maintaining the perfect flawless touch to the skin.

3. Emma Watson Body Care Schedule

The perky Emma takes bath daily. She may also even prefer taking bath twice or thrice daily. She likes adding oils and Epsom salts to the water. However, she prefers adding Eucalyptus with Ginger, Echinacea and Peppermint as well. 

These make her feel neat and clean and also clears off the sinuses as well.  She likes going for Sea Polish, which helps in exfoliation and moisturizing the body later. Then, she prefers the natural deodorants. Her favorite is Agent Nateur.  And, when searching for the toothpaste, she prefers the one,  which makes her mouth feel fresh and clean.

4. Emma Watson Nail Care Regime

The glamour queen really has a weird nail care regimen. She doesn’t prefer applying nail polish on her hands daily. But, when it comes to the toe nails, she is freaky about the amazing nail art on them with some crazy colors. Floss Gloss is her brand and she really feels cool playing with the colors.

5. Emma Watson Makeup Secrets

Emma is very particular about her makeup and looks. Sunscreen is her obsession. But, she generally doesn’t prefer applying makeup, when she isn’t shooting. The secret behind her sparkling eyes is her smoky eye makeup. She goes for threaded eyebrows rather than waxed eyebrows. This makes the brows look fuller. 

She feels that too much of blusher gives a masked appearance. Instead, she prefers a touch of pink blushers with subtle touch along with a pink tinted lipstick in the mornings and dark lipsticks in the evenings. Emma Watson loves experimenting with colors.

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These are the secrets of the beautiful, gorgeous actress of Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson with her killer glimpse of intimate personality. These simple yet classic routine makes her stylish, beautiful yet elegant.