Hair Loss In Women: Top 5 Reasons


 Hair loss and thinning of hair are the major causes of concern of women of today’s era. Besides affecting the process of beautification, it has a major impact on the self confidence of the women. Reasons can be many.

 They may be simple and temporary or may even be highly complicated. So, it is essential for the women to analyze the actual reason behind the hair loss and take necessary actions regularly. Here, we shall discuss on the top five reasons of hair loss in women. 

Hair Loss In Women: Top 5 Reasons

1. Medical Problems

This is the major reason for hair loss in women. The various chronic disorders, which affect women, may even lead to a lot of hormonal imbalance in the body. This eventually leads to the situation of alopecia. When oxygen fails to reach the hair follicles, they break down.

 Also, due to the improper functioning of the vascular system of the body, the cells lack proper nourishment and this leads to breakdown as well. Thus, certain disorders like diabetes, thyroid, vitamin deficiency diseases, psoriasis, poly-cystic ovary and anemia are highly important for causing hair loss in women.

2. Stress

Women of today’s generation are exposed to too much pressure in both their professional and personal lives as well. This leads to stress and tension. The hair generally passes through a typical life cycle, which includes the phases in order, growth, rest and shedding. Stress may cause a serious threat to the entire life cycle and enhance the last phase at a rapid rate.

 Even, anxiety and other similar psychological factors lead to hair loss in women. It is highly recommended to carry out yoga’s and meditation to relieve the stress and tension from life and prevent the condition to a huge extent.

3. Hair Etiquette

Another major reason is the improper hair etiquette. There are a lot of fashion accessories used by women across the world. The various hair style techniques like fish braided ponytail, clutch ponytail, tight ponytails, hair products like gels, colors, too much of shampoos, hair machines like hair straighteners, hair dryers, hair curlers and incorrect hair combs are some of the bad etiquette’s, which may eventually lead to fall of too much of hair. 

Also, exposure to pollutants and harmful rays of sun damage and endanger the longevity of the hairs. So, taking proper care by applying all the hair care techniques help to get rid of the problem significantly.

4. Pregnancy

A woman passes through a lot of phases in her entire life cycle. One such phase is the period of pregnancy. The level of estrogen hormone is on the peak. But, once the baby comes out or after delivery, the estrogen goes back to its normal level. 

During this phase, the woman may face the problem of hair loss. However, this problem is a temporary one and gets resolved eventually in a couple of weeks. So, there is no reason to panic at all. This is absolutely natural and your hair will grow back over a period of time.

5. Menopause

This is yet another major phase of a woman’s life. A couple of changes take place in her body during this phase. The level of the female hormone, estrogen is also quite low during this phase. This makes the hair dry and rough. The follicles tend to become weak, which break down. 

To have a control on the situation, the women must maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Also, she must apply mild shampoos and conditioners and take proper care to avoid hair fall to a large extent.

Apart from these reasons, there are certain medicines, which also give rise to this condition. These include the birth control pills and hormonal pills. Also, on being exposed to the various therapies like chemotherapy, hair loss occurs.

Thus, hair fall in women is quite common and needs to be treated with utmost sincerity. If you have faced any such issues, feel free to share your views in our comment section given below.