Top 5 Easy And Simple Exercises To Keep Your Nose In Shape


As discussing the features of one beautiful woman, it often means a shiny and long mane, big eyes, a sharp nose, and perfect pink lips. A sharp nose catches people’s attention immediately. Nowadays, to own a perfectly shaped nose, many females spend a lot on the cosmetic surgeries. 

Whereas, some women don’t want to bear any type of risks that these surgeries can involve. Besides the cosmetic surgeries, some exercises can assist you to have the perfectly shaped nose. 

Here are 5 simple and easy exercises that will assist you to keep your nose in shape.

Top 5 Easy And Simple Exercises To Keep Your Nose In Shape

1. Nose Straightener

Generally, your smile is considered as one of the greatest gifts that nature has offered to you. A simple smile can assist you to straighten out your nose and keep your nose in shape.


  • Simply, you just need to smile, and then push your nose upwards with the help of your fingers.
  • This step will help to build your muscles on the sides of the nose.
  • It is recommended to repeat this exercise around 20 to 30 times daily for best results.

2. Nose Shaper

This exercise is for women who aren’t satisfied with their nose shape. If you perform this work out frequently, you will change your nose shape as well as sculpt it to the wanted shape and keep your nose in shape. In addition, this workout also helps reduce and prevent your nose from the sagging.


  • The first step is to press the sides of the nose with the help of your index fingers while flaring your nostrils and then breathe out with force.
  • Make sure you don’t use too much force to breathe out.
  • You should repeat this exercise ten times.

3. Nose Shortner

As we know, there are many changes in the body that are caused by age – especially in the bones, muscles and cartilages.  Doing this simple exercise can help you reduce and prevent deterioration of your cartilage to keep your nose in shape.


  • The first step is to place your index finger on your nose tip and gently press it.
  • Now, exert downward pressure on your finger by your nose.
  • Follow this exercise daily, as many times as possible.

4. Nose Wiggling

This workout is more for your muscles of the nose than reshaping it. But it’ll definitely aid in strengthening your nasal muscles, and also make the nose sharper, thereby, helping to keep your nose in shape.


  • First of all, wiggle your nose, while ensuring that your face is completely still.
  • Follow this several times a minimum of once per day for best results.

5. Breathing

Both workouts and yoga offer breathing exercises great importance. Particularly, deep exhaling and inhaling contain numerous advantages, and shaping your nose is one of their benefits.


  • The first step is to sit comfortably. Block a nostril, inhale through the remaining nostril, and keep for about 4 seconds.
  • Later block the remaining nostril, and now exhale from the open one.
  • Finally, repeat this exercise by blocking the remaining nostril.
  • You can do three sets with ten repetitions each.

It is not easy to reshape or exercise in the nose area. But these simple and easy exercises will assist you to work on the nasal muscles quite easily. 

In addition, they re-shape your nose at no extra cost. You just need to do them regularly and have much patience. Hope that your nose will be in shape with the above-mentioned exercises.