Yoga Asanas To Make Your Feet Strong

As all we know, yoga gives everyone various health benefits and improves the health and wellbeing. Yoga not only energizes your body but also refreshes the mind. Besides, yoga is also helpful for skin care. You can also get beautiful skin by doing yoga.
 Various kinds of yoga exercises work for various body problems. Now, we will introduce a few yoga poses that will make the feet strong, a must for women because they’re more likely to osteoporosis. So, keep reading these yoga asanas that make your feet good and strong.

Yoga Asanas To Make Your Feet Strong

1. Triangle Pose

If you have problems in your feet the triangle pose is a great option for you. This pose not only makes your body energized but also helps you lose weight. To perform this pose, you keep the feet shoulder width. Next, straighten the right leg and bend your hip towards down. 
Then, make a grip of the left arm with the left shin. Now lift the other arm straight upwards. After this, turn the head and put your look towards your raised arm. You need to hold this position until you feel one stretch in your hips.

2. Mountain Pose

One of the important features of this pose is promoting foot strength. To do this exercise, you need to stand upright. Next, keep your knees straight and flatten your sole on the ground. Then, move the feet closer to each other. Keep your heels one inch away from other. 
Thereafter, your arms should be loosened and hold them on the sides and now gaze forward. You should stay in this pose for at least two minutes.

3. Warrior Pose

The best benefit of the warrior pose is improving calf flexibility and strength. This pose is especially effective for your feet. For more beneficial results, you should perform this pose daily for at least 3 months. Start this pose by putting the right foot in front and bending your knee.
 Next, turn the left foot at one 90 degree angle towards your right leg. Now lift your arm and then bring them parallel towards the floor. The palms should face towards the ground. This pose should be held for about 30-45 seconds.

4. Camel Pose

This is one of the yoga asanas, which has many benefits such as relieving congestion, improving knee mobility and strengthening your back. The leg positions together with the efficiency of the pose have made this pose become one of the best exercises for treating lupus, arthritis, and improving knee pain.
 Begin this pose by kneeling down on the floor or a yoga mat. Keep resting your arms at the side. Then, bend your torso backwards. Continue to bend until you feel one stretch in the back. Try holding onto your heels with the help of the hands. If you feel to hold your heel hard, you can keep your hands on the hips. 
Stay in this position for about 25-30 seconds prior to your stop. Do not jerk back to the initial position as it may hurt your back. Perform this pose for 4-5 times.

5. Pigeon Pose

Last but not least, this pose is not only effective for your feet but also for your whole body. This pose helps tone your thighs as well as loosen the thighs and tight hip flexors. Start this pose by kneeling down on the floor and straitening your back. 
Now take the right leg and stretch it behind yourself. Then, the right leg should be extended to your left knee and your feet are adjacent to your right hip. Do not forget that your toes should keep pointed. Now lean forward and begin inhaling gradually. 
After this, push your chest outwards. Keep this position for about 20-25 seconds. Switch sides as well as repeat the same procedure and later rest.

In conclusion, all the five yoga asanas are good for your feet. You should perform them regularly for the best result. Practice these yoga asanas and enhance your feet strength. Hope, you would obviously love to do them.