Popular Short Bob Hairstyles


 Bob Haircuts

There are a lot of different kinds of short bob hairstyles. A short bob can be styled very interestingly ranging from a chic blunt bob to a choppy layered bob, from a symmetrical bob to an asymmetrical bob.

 Making these styles in a short bob is super easy and simple and is ideal for today’s modern, fun yet elegant and graceful women. Below we list some of the most popular short bob hairstyles.

Popular Short Bob Hairstyles 2023

Short Soft Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

This is a fabulous soft bob haircut. The hair is textured at the ends or the tips and this gives a beautiful curved shape to the hair as well as a romantic and soft wispy and feathered look. A few strands in the front can be kept a little longer to give a fringed look. 

The softness of this haircut still provides a stunning frame to the face and gentleness of the otherwise sharp and sleek bob haircut.

Cute Twisted Short Bob Hairstyles

This is a unique and fresh take on the classic bob hairstyle. This new bob hairstyle with a braid looks stunning and is also superbly functional in the sense that it keeps the hair off the forehead, thus being easy to care for and to maintain.

 This bob haircut is especially suited for the summer and spring season. The braid or twist need not be perfected and can be made in a casual and random manner. This will further add to the playfulness and fun element of this trendy bob haircut.

Textured Short Bob Haircut

This is an asymmetric short bob cut and is a little shaggy and messy. This haircut has a lot of natural volume on the top as well as on the sides of the head. The ends of the hair are also heavily textured and thus accentuate the chin and the mouth beautifully. 

A nice fringe can be added to this hairstyle to add to the overall effect. The fringe can be defined or thinned for a soft finish or can be thicker and heavier for girls and women with larger eyes.

Glamour Short Bob Haircut

This short bob haircut, as the name suggests is very glamorous. The hair are cut short slightly past the chin length and have no or minimal layering. The most stunning feature of this hairstyle are the side bangs which are cut to curve down to the jaw line, which gives a cool, fun and asymmetrical appearance. 

The hair can be further styled and curled to give an old Hollywood kind of a look and glamour and charm. The bangs can be simply beveled under with the help of a flat iron to achieve this look. This sultry hairstyle is especially suitable for square faces and for medium to thick hair with smooth texture

Crimped Textured Short Bob Haircut

This bob haircut has minimum or no layers and can have a few side bangs. The amazing crimped texture gives an edgy yet elegant and cute as well as a fun and youthful look to this haircut. This style is definitely a fresh take on the classic short bob cut. This cut complements all face shapes and works great on naturally wavy hair. 

Even if you do not have naturally wavy hair, you can create the texture required yourself, with the help of a crimping iron or a waving iron. You can even tie tiny braids on a little damp hair before going to bed and you will have the required textured hair in the morning.

Short Flared Out Bob Hairstyles

This is a very classy, ultra chic and stunningly beautiful bob haircut. The front bangs simply add to the power packed look. This hairstyle woks great and can be made easily on medium textured hair with a little natural wave. This haircut suits all face shapes.

So you no longer have to confine your bob haircut to a simple and single look. There are various short bob haircuts you can try and play around with. Short hair is also no bar to creating these fun, trendy, chic and elegant bob hairstyles.