Top 10 Benefits of Tulsi Leaves and Tulsi Seeds

Tulsi or Holy Basil is an aromatic plant. It is a fairly common plant in Indian Household. It is also known as Ocimum Tenuiflorum. Tulsi is considered a sacred holy plant by Hindus and they grow the plant in small earthen pots in their homes. 
Offering of Tulsi leaves is essential in religious ceremonies and pujas. Tulsi is also called Mother Medicine of Nature. Tulsi or Holy Basil has great medicinal value and is an essential part of Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurvedic Treatment. The leaves of Tulsi plant and its seeds both have medicinal properties. It is completely safe and therefore can be used as home remedy in following ailments. 
Following are top 10 benefits of tulsi leaves.

  • 1. Tulsi Leaves for Healthy Skin and Healthy Hair

Regular consumption of Tulsi leaves purifies the blood and therefore skin infections are avoided by its regular use. Your skin will glow naturally if you use Tulsi extract on a regular basis. You can also eat a few tulsi leaves every day for healthy skin.
 If you have patches of skin infection like ringworm etc apply juice of Tulsi leaves for instant benefit. As it has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties it prevents acne on the skin. Tulsi is also helpful in keeping the scalp healthy and help reduce hair fall. Mix powder of tulsi leaves in coconut oil and apply the oil regularly for shining and healthy hair. You can also use paste of tulsi leaves in your face pack.

  • 2. Curing Fever with Tulsi

Tulsi is known for its anti bacterial and anti biotic properties. The plant of basil also has germicidal and fungicidal properties which is helpful in curing fever. So a person suffering from fever should take decoction made of tulsi leaves. Take half litre of water and boil it with few leaves of Tulsi and cardamom powder. Boil the water till only half of the water is left. Now mix this decoction with sugar and milk and sip it every two to three hours.

  • 3. Common Cough

Tulsi also helps modulate your immune system. Chewing of Tulsi leaves brings relief in common cough. It also reduces the amount of cough and has properties of an expectorant. Therefore Tulsi extract is used in Ayurvedic cough syrups. 
Chewing of the leaves provides relief in cough and cold by generating mucus. It reduces infection and congestion in the respiratory system.
  • 4. Tulsi Leaves Dissolve Kidney Stones

The basil leaves have diuretic and detoxifier properties. Therefore it helps in reducing the level of uric acid in the blood. Remember that high level of uric acid in the blood causes kidney stones. The essential oil of tulsi has acetic acid which breaks down kidney stones. Prepare juice of tulsi leaves and keep it in cold place. Take tulsi juice mixed with honey every day for six months. It will have beneficial effect for kidney stone problems.

  • 5. Sore Throat

If you have developed sore throat, sneezing, watering of eyes or have onset of cough and cold, boil few leaves of Tulsi in potable water. Let it boil for ten minutes. Let the water cool till it is warm. Drink this water or use it for gargle. This will bring relief.

  • 6. Respiratory Diseases

Tablets made out of Tulsi extract are very useful in respiratory diseases. These tablets are also called Tulsi Ghan Vati. It boosts your natural immunity in addition to providing relief from the respiratory problems. People of all ages can use it to improve their immunity so that they do not suffer from recurring attacks of cough and cold. 
Children who suffer from lower and upper respiratory tract infection and pneumonia can use Tulsi extract to improve their immune system and health. It helps in diseases like bronchitis and asthama.

  • 7. Stomach Infection

Tulsi leaves and its extract has anti inflammatory properties. It is a wonderful medicine for chronic stomach infection and also for stomach pain. It also helps in overcoming constipation, flatulence and loss of appetite.

  • 8.Treat Stress with Tulsi Leaves

Cortisol is the stress causing hormone. As per findings of Central Drugs Research Institute, Tulsi leaves have powerful adaptogen properties. Therefore it helps to maintain normal level of stress hormones. Basil helps reduce free radiclas, soothes nerves and regulates blood circulation.  Tulsi leaves are helpful in reducing side effects of stress. 
Basil leaves have properties of anti stress agent called adaptogen. Chewing six leaves of basil leaves twice a day helps in reducing side effects of stress. This is due to its strong aroma and astringent properties of the leaves of basil. Chewing basil leaves also helps in mouth ulcer and infection in mouth.

  • 9. Teeth Problems

Basil leaves are effective in solving teeth problems. Dry Tulsi leaves in Sun and make a powder of the dried leaves. Mix this powder with mustard oil and small amount of salt. Now use this mixture as toothpaste to clean your teeth. You can also massage your gums with this toothpaste. This toothpaste is very effective in variety of teeth problem including problems like pyorrhoea, bad breadth and mouth infection.

  • 10. Headache

Drinking a decoction of basil leaves helps in reducing headache. Pound 12 Tulsi leaves and mix it with sandal paste. Apply this paste on your forehead. It gives relief from headache. Take a bowl of water and mix crushed tulsi leaves in it. Now boil it for some time. Let it cool down to room temperature. Dip a small towel in this water, remove extra water by wringing and keep the wet towel on your forehead. It will bring relief from headache.